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02 December 2013

scraps of wood

I've been collecting the offcuts from the carpentery work being done for our renovation. Scraps of cypress pine and hoop pine, plywood, skirting and lining board. I'll make something with it all one day.

02 May 2013

Illawarra Rd small park

Illawarra Rd small park, Lynn Cook, 2013

An exercise for next week: Seeing, Not Seeing and Talking About Pictures, an Open Studio lesson by Yvonne Venegas.

Today I went again to the Illawarra Rd small park. Matte was running late, so I sat on the grass and took photographs and played with Undie. It's actually nice to sit on the grass, it'd been cut on Monday, and it hasn't rained lately, so it was shortish and dry. The ground slopes down from Illawarra Rd.

The lesson calls for you to photograph the same subject every day for a week. 20 to 30 photos a day. That's a lot I think. But it could be interesting. And take the photographs without looking at the preview. And download them every day without looking at them. Then at the end of the week you look at the pictures and see which ones you like and print out 10 or 12 and put them on the wall and live with them for a while.

26 April 2013

line experiments 1, Lynn Cook, 2013

I'm working on a series of line experiments with reduction lino prints. This print has 4 layers of ink, and 4 lots of carving. Yellow, red, pale blue, then dark brown.

15 April 2013

Drive Home experiments, Lynn Cook, 2013

I'm participating in a print exchange organised by the Sketchbook Project / Brooklyn Art Library people. The theme is "The Drive Home ...".

As I don't do a regular commute anymore I thought I'd draw part of the trip home from Milton. I've abstracted my view of the road, this is coming along from Nowra towards Berry. Although I'm inspired in part by Lloyd's Rees' The Road to Berry, the way he gets the feel of the landscape, my work is much more rigid. Especially in the linocut.

It's interesting, drawing something up first, charcoal on paper, I continually forget that the softness of the drawing will not translate into the lino print. I've also been looking at Brice Marden's Five Threes etchings from 1976-7, blacks and gradations of greys, rectangles on white. But again, an etching is not a linocut. You can see also that I forgot about the registration issue ... that's why the grey overlaps the blue awkwardly.

It's good that I've got a little more time to experiment.


Matisse: In Search of True Painting, Aagesen and Rabinow, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 2012
This beautiful book arrived today. Matisse is amazing, trying out different styles and theories, and behind all of that his distinct shapes and colours. Wonderful!

08 April 2013

Making Sunflower prints, Lynn Cook, 2013

Experimenting with linocut and monoprint, and inspired by a friend's photos of sunflowers, I made these prints.

The blue and red are monoprints done with acrylic paint into damp paper. The yellow image is from a lino cut done after the paint had dried.

Sunflower, Lynn Cook, 2013

05 April 2013

Nineteen Scrap Paper Forms, after Eva Hesse, Lynn Cook, 2013

Today I've been using MoMA Learning to find out a bit more about Minimalism and Serial Forms and Repetition. The illustration above is my first response to the exercise related to Eva Hesse's Repetition Nineteen series. Groups of slightly wonky cylinders made of papier mache or fibreglass.

Hesse's work is all one colour. I was using the scrap paper and ran out of bits already torn up, so started using fluro post-it notes instead. I like the luminousness of the pink and green amidst the office paper.

Monster Studies, Lynn Cook, 2013

I've also been having a lot of fun making framework monsters. I made the first of these for drawing club on Wednesday. The boys pointed out to me that the guy I made - sumoviking - was not really a monster. Neither are these. I guess I'm not really a horror kind of person.

04 April 2013

Illawarra Rd Small Park, Lynn Cook, April 2013

Marrickville Council has got its Draft Marrickville Recreation Policy and Strategy up for comment. There's a section about encouraging community involvement in maintenance of local parks, which is something I've been thinking about for a while. On a grand scale it'd be fun to turn Henson Park into a version of a Chinese Garden with labrynthine walks, walled orchards, the oval as a pond, the grandstand as a mountain range, the various buildings as pavilions - super! Perhaps something to keep within my imaginative world at the moment.

There's a smaller park along the road from Henson, it's so insignificant it doesn't even have a name. It's a very minimal park: it's got a bench, a light, two signs advising you to "Walk Safe" and keep your dog on a lead, and pick up its poo, grass and various weed plants, and a concrete footpath that runs mysteriously from Illawarra Rd through to a dead end lane. Looking at the park on Google StreetView, it had 2 benches not so long ago and the fence onto the laneway had a climbing plant draped over it. But bench 2 and the plant are now gone.

I've decided I'm going to do a Minimalist art project with the park. Working on the theory that the observer changes, or modifies, the observed, I'll got to the park and stand, or sit and take notes, or just look. And I'll do this for say a month. Then I might start to pick up the rubbish that's in the park, as there's no bin, and people, somewhat surprisingly, do use the bench to sit and smoke and eat takeaway food - well, I haven't seen anyone in the park, but that's what the rubbish tells me. I'm also really tempted to cut the grass and put in some buffalo runners, but that might be too physical an intervention.

Today I went in the rain and saw that the local birds are the most put out by my being there: a noisy miner and two doves flew up out of the grass when I first went in, then later I saw a willie wagtail on the canal fence, two magpies - one singing - on the neighbour's fence, pigeons on the neighbour's roof, more doves in the lane, more miners anxious for me to leave. So I did. But I'm intrigued by the space and will go back.

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Yirrkala drawings at Art Gallery of NSW,
12 Dec 2013 - 23 Feb 2014

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