Charles I’s collection

The sale of Charles I’s collection by the government of Oliver Cromwell after the execution of the King in 1649 was a cultural calamity. The works were first valued … and then sold to pay off the King’s debts. Most of the creditors were artisans. Many buyers formed syndicates to acquire whole groups of works that were then sold on …. The sales gave a tremendous impetus to the creation of an art market.

from the Introduction to The Queen’s Pictures: Old Masters from the Royal Collection

Review – week ending Friday 23 January, 2015

Got much more done this week, so much so that mid-week I felt overwhelmed. Talking about it with Lee and Ashley and Tim, they said – you can’t give up painting and drawing, and weaving is important as is gardening, just limit the amount of time you spend on social media. Excellent advice!

real world stuff:

  • weeding and clean up at Matte’s, got worse before it got better
  • worked on Night Mountain series for Nicki
  • finished weaving the fine warp
  • went to the Makers Movement discussion put on by General Assembly – heard Mel Fuller and Yasmin Smith from Makers Place talk, v good. I think I will have to join up, or at least go and check it out. They might like a loom …

electronic stuff:

Review – week ending Friday 16 January, 2015

I don’t feel like I got much done this week … and there’s lots of stuff waiting to be done in my January list. Ah well. I can get on with it this coming week. Here’s the stuff I did do.

Real world stuff:

  • bought plant stand from IKEA and put it together and put plants on it – nice
  • booked flights to Coffs Harbour
  • domestic experiment no.1 – washing up
  • checked out the Marrickville Hospital site and wrote notes about that
  • talked to N n R about trees for Henson Park
  • worked two days at Foundation & Friends of the Botanic Gardens
  • picked up my new glasses – everything is so clear!
  • fun dinner with J n J n friends
  • relaxed dinner with P n S n T, discussed trip to Netherlands
  • made delicious pasta w ricotta and broccoli

Electronic stuff:

  • wrote and published 2 posts for this website
  • published the Gardening w Lynn page
  • posted to Instagram every day
  • posted to ordinary Facebook 5/7 days, one inadvertant post to Lynn M Cook
  • posted a comment on Alyson Stanfield’s site about committing to a solo show in 2015

All up an okay week, but I note that I haven’t done any artwork, or weaving. I probably should do a quick review at the end of every day to see how my actions are lining up with my stated goals and check what needs adjustment.

Domestic Experiments

This week I’ve decided to formalise my household tasks by giving them the wonderful title “domestic experiments”. A while ago I started making the bed every morning, which doesn’t sound like much, but it kind of sets me up for the day. Bed made = on the way to organised. Another thing I do almost every day is a bit of weeding … gets me out of the house and my hands touching a plant. It’s all about experiencing the physical world, unmediated. Me and nature. : D

But for a while I’ve been struggling with getting the washing up done. No matter how many times I put it on my to-do list it just doesn’t happen, just stares at me from the sink, piling up, smelling slightly … not good.

To get over this disgusting procrastination I decided to use the tiny habit approach: set up a habit which is so small that you can do the thing in 30 seconds or less, and chain it to something else which you will undoubtedly do. What do I do every single day? I get up and make a coffee. I’m addicted so why not use my addiction for good? And to make it even better I’ve designated it Domestic Experiment Number 1:

See how much washing up I can get done before the coffee is ready.

This has worked surprisingly well this week. Hooray!

Spaghetti w Broccoli, Basil and Ricotta

Tonight we had a simple dinner which Tim enjoyed so I’m writing it up.

4 spring onions
1 head of broccoli
4 sprigs of fresh basil
2 tspns of capers
1 small garlic clove
about 150g of ricotta
olive oil
salt and pepper
spaghetti for two

1. wash and trim the spring onions, cut into small rounds the white and the green
2. trim the broccoli, cut the flower head into small florets, or sprigs, about 1cm across, slice the stump then slice it again, basically into matchstick size pieces, maybe a bit bigger
3. heat olive oil in a heavy iron pan, add the spring onions and the broccoli along with a little salt and fry it, pushing it around with a spatula
4. put water on to boil to cook the pasta
5.wash the basil and chop, add the capers onto the basil and chop again, chop the garlic, put it onto the basil and capers and chop again
6. when the water is boiling put in the pasta and cook it
7. when the broccoli and onion has softened turn off the pan and let it sit
8. use a fork to mash and stir the ricotta, put in about half of the basil, caper, garlic mixture and mash together with some pepper
9. when the pasta has cooked, drain it and put it into bowls, spoon the broccoli and onion over the top, top with the ricotta mixture, top again with the remaining basil, caper, garlic

Each diner can mix in as they see fit.

Review – week ending Friday 9 January, 2015

Inspired by Sacha Chua I’ve decided to start reviewing what I’ve done during the week. My initial process has been to go through what I’ve ticked off in todoist, and look at my journal and website. Also glance around the room and see what’s changed.

Real world stuff:

  • delivered the Marrickville Backyard miniposter to N n P
  • picnic’d with N n P n T at Sirius Beach and explored between Taronga Wharf and Mosman Wharf
  • tried out a new salad – chickpea with celery, radish and almonds
  • met up with Brett about building the shed and installing the back window
  • delicious dinner w J n J n T
  • made 4 oil pastel drawings
  • started using a journal to record the day
  • rearranged the work room to store paper better
  • served myself less food
  • visited M’s garden and talked about what needs to be done
  • got my eyes tested
  • lunch with T and coffee w T n S
  • talked w Joy, Nicki, Sandra and Cass on the phone
  • finished reading Walkable City
  • lined up trip to Canberra to see the James Turrell exhibition

Electronic stuff:

  • analysed last 6 months spending
  • set up draft budget
  • listened to two podcasts – Marsha Shandur, Saying Yes to Networking and Harville Hendrix – Getting the Love You Want both at
  • started using Jetpack with WordPress
  • started experimenting w WordPress and wrote 3 posts
  • posted to Instagram every day, including 4 photos of my art work
  • posted to ordinary Facebook 5/7 days and to Lynn M Cook page 3/7 days
  • started reading Lean Branding: creating dynamic brands to generate conversion by Laura Busche, e-book published by O’Reilly


NAVA Grants

NAVA – the National Association for the Visual Arts – is currently offering two grants to help artists and craftspeople promote their work:

  1. Australian Artists’ Grant is to help with the ‘costs of public presentation’ – individuals can get up to $500.
  2. New South Wales Artists’ Grant is to help ‘produce, present and promote work’ – individuals can get up to $1,250.

Both grants are run quarterly and the current round closes Saturday 14 February, 2015 for projects in May, June and July 2015.

see NAVA grants for all the information and how to apply.