drawing Begonias

pencil drawing of Begonia leaves
Begonia ‘Lady Clare’, Lynn M Cook, Dec 2016

After the Open Studio I had the five begonia plants still on the dining room table. They’d been there as a display. The leaves are so beautiful, shades of green on the top side, red underneath. The new leaves very pale green, or buff. I love the shape of the leaves, and the patterns that they make as they overlap. Difficult to replicate.

The plants did very well indoors, with me concentrating on them, and watering them regularly while I was painting them. Much better than when they were languishing, not very well cared for in the garden, with Undie jumping on them from time to time.

They can’t really stay on the table because even in a glazed pot, the base is damp and will cause damage to the table top. It’s also nice, I think, for plants to have fresh air. I’m not very good at indoor plants. So I’ve moved them today into the courtyard beside the bathroom. I’ll see how they go there.

who am I and why am I here?

I’ve come back to WordPress to set up a blog for my art business, that’s why I am here.

I’m an artist and a gardener and a housekeeper. I work in a call-centre part-time. That’s something that I do to earn a living and it’s something that I’m good at, listening to people, answering questions, helping sort out problems. But what I really like to do is have time by myself in the garden, or drawing, or looking at things. Sometimes reading and thinking. Sitting and watching the grass grow.

So to come back to why am I here, I am making more art and I want to share it. I’m wanting to engage in the art world, read, look, think, write, comment. This blog is a bridge between my real world and work, and the online world. It’s a way of communicating with real people that live in other parts of the world. It’s a way for me to collect things I’m interested in.

This post is a first pass, a draft, but I’m publishing it now, to come back to and add to later.

The expulsion

The expulsion, (1947-1948) by Arthur Boyd

The expulsion, (1947-1948) by Arthur Boyd, Art Gallery of NSW

I came to this painting via Christies’ online auction of Australian Art, it is the first of three versions, it was purchased by Dr Tom Rosenthal from Boyd in the 1960s. Later Rosenthal sold it to a collector who sold, or gave, it to the Art Gallery of NSW in 1986. Boyd meanwhile had painted a copy for Rosenthal, and another copy for Rosenthal’s wife Ann.

The copy belonging to Ann Rosenthal is for sale online through Christies: The expulsion

The copy given to Tom Rosenthal was also sold through Christies in August 1994 and then again in 2005: The expulsion

It’s fascinating that in the first painting, done in the 1940s, Adam and Eve have a kind of awkward realism, whereas the angel is wide eyed and monstrous. In the two copies, the figures of Adam and Eve, and the angel are treated loosely, binding them more tightly together in agony.

Here are the three different paintings put together on a Pinterest board:



Marrickville Backyard

Over the last couple of months I’ve been working drawing and painting regularly. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are my art work days.

In the morning I draw, in the afternoon I paint.


Marrickville Backyard, Lynn M Cook, November 2016

It’s fun working in the backyard, well fun is the wrong word, it’s good to concentrate, to focus on working on a drawing.


Yesterday the sky was stormy, it was very hot.