drawing Begonias

pencil drawing of Begonia leaves
Begonia ‘Lady Clare’, Lynn M Cook, Dec 2016

After the Open Studio I had the five begonia plants still on the dining room table. They’d been there as a display. The leaves are so beautiful, shades of green on the top side, red underneath. The new leaves very pale green, or buff. I love the shape of the leaves, and the patterns that they make as they overlap. Difficult to replicate.

The plants did very well indoors, with me concentrating on them, and watering them regularly while I was painting them. Much better than when they were languishing, not very well cared for in the garden, with Undie jumping on them from time to time.

They can’t really stay on the table because even in a glazed pot, the base is damp and will cause damage to the table top. It’s also nice, I think, for plants to have fresh air. I’m not very good at indoor plants. So I’ve moved them today into the courtyard beside the bathroom. I’ll see how they go there.

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