studio log

Back in the studio today, I start by sweeping up and moving things that don’t belong in the studio out.
As I sweep I think that it’d be good to write a blog post each studio day, in the morning, writing about my thinking for the day, then in the afternoon, a review, what’s been done.
In the morning, now, I feel fragmented and as if I’ve got too many things to do, but by the afternoon I know that I’ll have achieved one or two things, I’ll have experimented at least, I’ll have calmed down. That’s what making art work does, on the whole, if you are working without too much pressure.

Allow myself the time, post this without over thinking it, then come back again this evening, and write a review.

Things done today:
1. drawing the dog until she decided it was time to go and bark at our neighbour
2. painting with Medium Magenta and Quinacridone Magenta – I copied a work by Matisse, Laurette in a Green Robe, Black Background from 1916. The chair Laurette is sitting in appears to be magenta.

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