Colouring in

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve enjoyed playing with the Liquitex 48 Basic colours. I’m always interested to see what happens when I put one colour next to another, choosing colours is partially based on what I’ve already put down, but also on where I want the painting to go.

So that I can play with combinations and materials a little more, I’m developing some colouring pages. The first image “Flower 1” is a fairly simple image in black and white that can be printed out over and over again, and coloured as many different ways as I want.

Flower 1, Lynn M Cook, 2017

I drew the image in charcoal pencil on A4 Fabriano drawing paper, then scanned it. Then I turned the image into a pdf. I’ve printed the pdf out onto plain copy paper, a sheet of Ironlac canvas paper, and another sheet of Fabriano.

I’ll try some things out then post some images here.

If you’d like to try colouring the image you can purchase a download of the image here:

Colouring pages

for just $0.95 AUD.



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