making a lino cut of the orchid drawing, one spray, lots of leaves

I’ve made a small woodcut of one of the flowers, in three colours and the background white of the paper, a woodcut on a block of pine from a packing pallet, probably that the stove came on.

Now I’m working on a bigger print, 30cm square, I’ve made a drawing and cut it out, the first parts that will be the white, the background, it’s just leaves and very schematic flowers, I’m not sure how the flowers will work at all in the final print.

I’ve been doing the process not product thinking to get it done. It’s taken at least 2 hours to carve out the basic shapes, as well as the time before where I was cutting out the template using a fine knife.

Looking at it now I can see that there are still lines that need to be cut, to show the overlapping leaves, also get rid of a part where I’ve not cut it right back to the edge, that looks like a maple leaf, don’t need that in there.

I’m not sure how it will go. The first print, if the paint is too thick it will all clog up, I need to get it a nice consistency, and get the lines firm and deep, no equivocation. The line is here, yes.

It’s a really interesting form as the carving itself is beautiful, like a plaster bas-relief. The Elgin marbles, horses and riders all around the top of the temple. Overlapping. Here is it just leaves, long straps of green overlapping. The trick will be to get the colours right, not so much verisimilitude, but the dark to light of it all, the first colour you put down with a reduction print is the lightest, and you work up to the darks.

Play with that, pale yellow, green, then deep red and brown to finish. That sounds right. I wonder if it will look right? Give it a go. Just try it. I could have a go at photocopying the piece of lino and then colour it, perhaps.

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